The main goal of the biliSEF foundation is to rally the community to accomplish the set tasks. The structural base includes:

1. Crypto community
2. Reserve background of coins of the group XS coins
3. Contingency reserve fund including BTC, LTC, XRP, TRX, ETH tokens

The main means of payment within the services are the currencies of the XS coins group. The total size of the offer of each of the coins of the group is 100,000,000 units. The next stage after the creation of each of the group’s coins is to hold an ICO in the amount of 30% of the total offer of coins, 75% of the raised funds form the Reserve Security Fund (RSF), 14% are related to the costs of ensuring the costs of developing the project infrastructure.

Each coin’s premine accounts for 10% of the offer of each coin and forms the reserve fund XS oins (XSRF), which is further involved in the formation of additional reserves for providing coins. At the fourth stage of the ICO of each coin of the group, the fund provides data on the source code of the coins and all the accompanying information for the subsequent listing of the coins to the main crypto exchanges. After the initial placement of tokens, within 1 month the development team provides the official mining pool for public access, in the future ensuring the performance and reliability of the pool is a priority. Official pool commissions also form a reserve fund of XS coins. Each currency investor in the group, a miner, a trader, that is, the holder of coins of the XS coins group is a partner of the fund and is part of the biliSEF fund community and has the right to vote when voting on the fund’s service platforms.

How it works

Step to step

1 step. XS coins developing

The creation of XS coins is carried out according to priority blocks, including the use of various types of equipment.

2 step. ICO

Initial placement of coins to attract investment in the project and further formation of reserve funds for the phased development of the platform

3 step. Reserve funds building

10% premine of each coin form the XS Reserve Fund (XSRF), 75% of the ICO form the Security Reserve Fund (RCF), which subsequently constitutes the regulatory mechanism of the fund

4 step. Coins listing

Providing data on the source code of the coins and related information for the subsequent listing of coins to the main crypto exchanges

5 step. Public mining pools

Development and implementation of the official mining pool for public access and further ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the pool as a priority task

6 step. biliSEF community building

Investors, miners and traders community formation for the implementation of projects and services of the platform.

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