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    1. Digital currency. Key issues of the industry
      • Description of the tokens of the group XS coins and financial model.
      • Production and use
      • The formation of the course of coins
      • Structure and purpose of reserve funds in biliSEF ecosystem
      • ICO phases description
      • Distribution of funds received during the ICO
      • The Appeal of the XS coins for investors
    2. Project development
      • Road map
    3. Team
    4. Conclusion


    1. Digital currency. Key issues of the industry

    Given that the reward for mining a block of major coins has already decreased significantly, in the near future, mining of coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum will become unprofitable to miners without creating farms on an industrial scale regardless of the rates of these coins, thus the offer of each large coin will be controlled by the smallest percentage of mining participants, which contradicts the mission of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General, as a decentralized means of payment, accumulation and saving of funds and discredits THE pow consensus. The ensuing consequence is losses first for smaller investors and then for larger ones, according to Matthew effect.

    1.1 Description of the tokens of the group XS coins and financial model.

    Further strengthening OF the POW consensus is the main priority of the crypto community’s actions to maintain the decentralization of the ecosystem, and an integral part of it is the development and maintenance of mining as an alternative business. Achieving these goals is carried out by creating forks of coins on popular algorithms and ensuring their viability in the market for the use of different types of equipment, including those that are already obsolete for the production of popular coins at the moment. Thus, the creation of forks creates a favorable investment climate for different types of investors, thereby creating guarantees for even small investments and has a positive impact on the ecosystem as a whole.

    BitcoinXS and LitecoinXS are a fork of the block chain coins are Bitcoin and Litecoin, hashing algorithms, Scrypt and SHA256 respectively.

    What is the difference between XS coins from all the others?

    The ending of XS in the names of the coins means that these coins are savings exchange coins (XS coins), the development of which belongs exclusively to the biliSEF Fund (Bitcoin & Litecoin Savings Exchange Foundation), the website https://bilisef.org . BXS and LXS will be the first coins secured with Bitcoins and Litecoin, respectively, obtained during the initial placement of these coins (ICO) and regulated by the biliSEF Fund (Bitcoin & Litecoin Savings Exchange Foundation).

    In the context of anti-crisis government assets investors, currency of the group XS coins, namely BitcoinXS and LitecoinXS are indispensable tools on the market, in conditions not projected volatility rates of major cryptocurrencies.

    XS coins group currencies are designed to minimize the risks of investors in the unstable situation in the market of quotations of other cryptocurrencies. This goal is achieved by reinvesting, in this case, Bitcoins and Litecoins in stable currencies that are not subject to General downward trends, as a consequence of negative economic or political news, including fake. Each of the stages of the initial placement of BXS and LXS tokens is designed to increase the provision of currencies and thus increase the planned guaranteed thresholds of minimum quotations with each new stage of the ICO.

    The biliSEF Fund (Bitcoin & Litecoin Savings Exchange Foundation) carries out the process of regulating the primary issue of tokens and the initial placement of the XS coins group currencies. Hard cap BitcoinXS ICO is 15,000 BTC, the total Hard cap of the nearest biliSEF ICO Fund (Bitcoin & Litecoin Savings Exchange Foundation) is 400,000 BTC. When these indicators are reached, the amount of reserves to provide guarantees to investors of the biliSEF Fund (Bitcoin & Litecoin Savings Exchange Foundation) will be approximately 1% of the total capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.

    Summarizing the provisions described above, the currency tokens of the XS coins group are tools that stabilize the profitability of mining and trading operations with third-party cryptocurrencies and minimize risks in the situation with unpredictable in the short/long term volatility of the market of quotations of third-party cryptocurrencies. The guarantor of the performance of these tools is the biliSEF Fund (Bitcoin & Litecoin Savings Exchange Foundation)

    2.2 Production and use

    Basic information on BitcoinXS:

    – Algorithm: Scrypt (PoW)

    – Total offer: 100000000 BXS

    – Time for block: 120 sec

    – Block reward: 50 BXS

    Basic information on LitecoinXS:

    – Algorithm: SHA256 (PoW)

    – Total offer: 100000000 LXS

    – Time for block: 600 sec

    – Block reward: 50 LXS


    Emission of each of XS coins is carried out by means of coin mining (mining). The complexity of the network at the beginning of production is minimal, respectively, mining can be conducted by miners with obsolete equipment, starting with processors, ending with ASIC devices of previous generations. The projects provide for public mining pools, but given that the currency code is open – any member of the crypto community can create a private mining pool. Mining coins are public, the premium of each coin of XS coins group is 10% and forms a Reserve Fund XS coins, subsequently used as a tool for trading currencies to replenish the Reserve Fund.

    Xs coins are initially a means of payment within the biliSEF platform, and are accepted as payment for goods and services from the project partners. You can become a partner of the project by writing to the support e-mail.

    The structure of the circulation of coins within the services platform:

    – to apply for consideration of the project by the community, each startup pays a Commission fee, the amount of which increases every month from the beginning of the site. You can purchase the required amount of XS coins on the main crypto exchanges or in the section of your SOD account (for startups). Also, within the SOD account, you can set the priority of your project and the depth of analysis. To participate in the services for the completion of the project (SRHS and ICORHS), the necessary amount to pay the performers can also be purchased within your account or on crypto exchanges

    – at the end of each month of work, automatically compiled a list of Top 100, Top 200, Top 300 active community members who are paid a reward for active contribution to the development of the platform, information on rewards is available in the CMD account. The selection and evaluation of participants ‘ activities is carried out automatically by a set of parameters built into CMD.

    – pay for improvement projects within the services SRHS and ICORHS performers is also available in XS coins. According to the results of the participants ‘ work, the rating of users recommended by the system as performers is automatically compiled. Every 3 months, a list of Top 100 and Top 200 performers is compiled, who are paid a fee in the amount of a certain percentage of the amount paid to the performers by all customers within the services for the reporting period.

    1.3 The formation of the course of coins

    The real value of XS coins at the end of the ICO is calculated by the formula: the Amount of $ us equivalent to the amount of cryptocurrency Reserve Fund divided by the amount in circulation of a coin group XS coins. Accordingly, the main task of biliSEF as a regulatory body is to replenish the assets of the Reserve Fund and increase the value of assets. Thus, when the number of BXS in circulation is 10,000,000 coins and the value of the Reserve Fund assets is 30,000,000 $ in Bitcoin equivalent, the real value of 1 BXS is 3$. The initial formation of the Reserve Fund takes place at the ICO stage of each of the coins of the XS coins group, so the real value of 1 BXS at the end of the ICO will be approximately$ 3.22 (at the rate of Bitcoin on 14.10.2018). Further, the rate of coins is determined by the market demand and supply of each of the coins.

    1.4 structure and purpose of reserve funds in biliSEF ecosystem

    The main instruments of financial guarantees of stability of the XS coins group are the Reserve Fund and the XS coins Reserve Fund.

    Reserve fund.

    Sources of formation of the Reserve Fund:

    – ICO

    – Operations with currencies on major crypto exchanges

    – Implementation of XS coins group coins inside SOD and CMD

    – Implementation of XS coins group on crypto exchanges

    – mining with own collateral currency capacities (BTC, LTC)

    When the exchange rate of XS coins drops below the set threshold, the assets of the Reserve Fund act as a means of payment on crypto exchanges to buy back orders for the sale of XS coins from holders, thus maintaining the demand for coins and keeping the rate above the set minimum threshold. The activity of holding the exchange rates of coins above the minimum threshold is designed by analogy with the logic of the functioning of the Bonds of the State Loan on the principles of redemption of debt obligations, while XS coins are decentralized currencies and are not securities.

    XS coins reserve Fund.

    This Fund is initially formed by the premium of 10% of the coins of each of XS coins and acts as a tool for regulating the mass of XS coins in circulation. The Fund’s assets are used to replenish the Reserve Fund due to the implementation of coins inside the platform biliSEF through SOD and CMD, as well as on crypto exchanges. Also, the Fund’s assets are used for payment of remuneration to the members of the community of Top 100, Top 200, Top 300 in the platform biliSEF.

    The assets of the funds are audited by the community members themselves on a public basis every 4 months of the platform’s operation.


    1.5. BitcoinXS ICO steps description Summary

    BXS ICO offer 30,000,000 BXS
    Maximum coin offer 100,000,000 BXS
    % of tokens – Token sale 30%
    % of tokens – Bounty 10 — 0.714%
    % of tokens – Discount 32-0%
    % of tokens – Reserve fund 10%
    Accepted currency BTC
    ICO stages 5
    Presale 15.11.2018



    tokens for sale 1,000,000 BXS
    BXS tokens price 1 BXS=2.18$
    % of discount 32%
    Bounty summary 100,000 BXS
    Bounty 10%
    Launch Date 15.11.2018
    BXS payment destination local wallet


    Stage 1

    tokens for sale 3,000,000 BXS
    BXS tokens price 1 BXS=2.47$
    % of discount 22%
    Bounty summary 200,000 BXS
    Bounty 6.67%
    Launch Date coming soon
    BXS payment destination local wallet


    Stage 2

    tokens for sale 5,000,000 BXS
    BXS tokens price 1 BXS=2.59$
    % of discount 18%
    Bounty summary 300,000 BXS
    Bounty 6%
    Launch Date coming soon
    BXS payment destination local wallet


    Stage 3

    tokens for sale 7,000,000 BXS
    BXS tokens price 1 BXS=2.78$
    % of discount 12%
    Bounty summary 200,000 BXS
    Bounty 2.86%
    Launch Date coming soon
    BXS payment destination local wallet


    Stage 4

    tokens for sale 14,000,000 BXS
    BXS tokens price 1 BXS=3.16$
    % of discount 0%
    Bounty summary 100,000 BXS
    Bounty 0.714%
    Launch Date coming soon
    BXS payment destination local wallet




    1.6 Distribution of funds received during the ICO

    Fund distribution

    % of funds – Reserve fund 75%
    % of funds – Research & Development 14%
    % of funds – Sales & Marketing 3%
    % of funds – Partnerships 5.5%
    % of funds – Legal 0.5%
    % of funds – Unforeseen 2%


    Reserve fund – the Fund of guaranteeing the minimization of the losses of investors

    Research & Development – development of a convenient platform for voting partners, analysis of ICO statistics, development of mobile personal Cabinet and voting Cabinet

    Sales & Marketing – Our sales and marketing budget will be distributed to support our growth strategy as well as investor retention and new investment programs

    Partnerships – biliSEF will constantly look for new opportunities to develop partnerships with new services and owners of various types of businesses, thus expanding the scope of the tokens of the XS coins group

    Legal – Legal costs will cover all costs incurred within the legal framework to comply with international laws.

    Unforeseen – we have allocated 2% of the project budget to Finance unforeseen expenses and expansion plans

    1.7 The Appeal of the XS coins for investors

    Investing in XS coins is beneficial both at all stages of the ICO and during the operation of the biliSEF platform after the sale token, as each of the XS coins is provided with real assets of the Reserve Fund and the XS coins Reserve Fund. After the start of public mining, the value of coins will only grow, as the amount of fee for startups within the platform will increase every month. Thus, with the ever-growing demand, the supply will be inexorably reduced in the next 8 years. Investing at the ICO stage, therefore, each investor provides a stable return for the next 10 years.


    1. Project development

    2.1. Road map

    Sep 2016





    -Mihael Raver and Amir Sabari leave their companies to start partnership in crypto mining


    Nov 2016





    -First 150+ mining rigs farm started mining


    Oct 2017





    -Start of biliSEF conception, but Implementation was postponed to June 2018
    Sep 2018





    -Final development of the biliSEF concept and drawing up a project roadmap to the end of 2019

    -Start developing Community member dashboard


    Oct 2018





    -biliSEF.org, bitcoinxs.org, litecoinxs.org Launch


    Nov 2018




    – BitcoinXS ICO launch, the first of 20 XS coins

    – Start developing CMD app for ios


    Jan 2019





    – Test launch of Community member Dashboard

    – Start developing CMD app for Android


    Feb 2019





    – Apply for a bitcoinXS coin listing

    – Test launch biliSEF startup service


    Mar 2019





    – Start public BitcoinXS mining pool

    – Test launch CMD apps

    – Launch LitecoinXS ICO

    – Start developing mobile Invest platform app for ios


    May 2019





    – Test launch biliSEF ICO service for White listed startups

    – Test launch SRHS

    – Start developing mobile Invest platform app for Android


    Jun 2019





    – Test launch ICORHS

    – Start developing mobile Invest platform app for Android

    – Apply for a litecoinXS coin listing


    Aug 2019





    – Test launch ICO preparation service

    – Public litecoinXS mining pool launch


    Sep 2019





    -Test launch mobile Invest platform app for ios and Android


    Oct 2019





    – Next XS coin ICO launch




    1. Team
    Mihael Raver

    Co-founder, CEO


    Serial Entrepreneur and investor, founded and led marketing and crypto mining companies. Expert in finding problems, designing solutions and getting things done.


    Amir Sabari

    Co-founder & CTO


    With over 9 years of building, managing and consulting on digital marketing tools and strategies


    Mikhail Mackevic



    Investor. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


    Moshe Mackevic



    Account manager with over 17 years of experience. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


    Andrey Kuznetsov

    Partnership Director


    Marketing and media expert, with over 12 years of experience as a media consultant, spokesperson and public relations strategist in the private sectors.


    Albert Zagidullin

    Web Project Manager


    IT engineer, proficient in Javascript and C++. Masters web projects from top to bottom.




    Nikolay Evstratov



    Investor. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


    Alexander Cantor



    Investor. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


    Roman Shteinberg


    Investor. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


    Alexey Volin



    Investor. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


    Viktor Mann



    Investor. Cryptocurrency enthusiast.




    1. Conclusion

    This project affects the interests of all participants of the crypto community, from miners to institutional investors, so when developing the concept and the technical part of the platform, a lot of time was spent on analyzing the needs of the community. BiliSEF team hopes that the creation of this platform was another step in the development of infrastructure to form a positive image of the crypto industry.